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What are the key elements of literary genres such as fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction, and how do they differ from one another?

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  • Key elements: Imaginary characters, settings, and events created by the author.
  • Differ from others: Fiction is an art form that is not based on real events or people. It allows for creative freedom in storytelling.


  • Key elements: Rhythmic and expressive language, often using literary devices such as metaphors and symbolism.
  • Differ from others: Poetry focuses on the aesthetic and emotional qualities of language, using specific forms and structures to convey meaning.


  • Key elements: Dialogue between characters, stage directions, and a plot that unfolds through actions and interactions.
  • Differ from others: Drama is meant to be performed on stage or screen, emphasizing conflict and tension through the interactions of characters.


  • Key elements: Factual information, real events, and analysis or commentary on real-world subjects.
  • Differ from others: Non-fiction is based on real-world events, people, and information, aiming to inform or persuade the audience through facts and analysis.