How to give the correct answer?

What is the minimum response length allowed?

  • The minimum response length is now 1 characters.

What kind of answers are welcome?

  • What we love most is detailed, well-written answers that are based on your personal experience.

What answers are not welcome?

  • Reprints of answers already published on other sites (even if you are their author).
  • Answers that partially or completely repeat other answers (yours or someone else’s, it doesn’t matter).
  • Answers that are written in violation of spelling and punctuation rules (for example, there are no punctuation marks or there is no space after them).
  • Answers that do not contain useful information (“I don’t know...”, “is that right?”) and meaningless sets of characters are deleted.
  • Answers that contain advertising.
  • Answers that contain insults and profanity.