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How to remove sim card from iPhone?

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To remove the SIM card from an iPhone, you will need a SIM card eject tool or a small paperclip. Here are the steps to remove the SIM card from an iPhone:

  1. Locate the SIM card tray: The SIM card tray is usually located on the side of the iPhone. The location may vary depending on the model of the iPhone.

  2. Insert the eject tool: Insert the SIM card eject tool or a small paperclip into the small pinhole next to the SIM card tray. Apply a small amount of pressure until the tray pops out slightly.

  3. Remove the SIM card tray: Gently pull out the SIM card tray from the iPhone. The SIM card will be attached to the tray.

  4. Remove the SIM card: Carefully remove the SIM card from the tray by sliding it out.

  5. Reinsert the tray: If you are replacing the SIM card, place the new or same SIM card back into the tray and slide it back into the iPhone until it clicks into place.

  6. Turn on your iPhone: Once the SIM card is securely in place, turn on your iPhone to complete the process.

Remember to handle the SIM card and tray carefully to avoid any damage.

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