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How to tell if a diamond is real?

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To determine if a diamond is real, you can perform some basic tests:

  1. Fog Test: Breathe on the diamond like you would on a mirror. If the fog dissipates quickly, it's likely a real diamond. If it stays fogged for a few seconds, it may be fake.

  2. Scratch Test: Diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances, so they should not be easily scratched. Try scratching the diamond with a piece of glass; if it scratches, it's likely not a real diamond.

  3. Water Test: Drop the diamond into a glass of water. A real diamond will sink to the bottom due to its high density. If it floats or stays suspended near the top, it might be a fake.

  4. Professional Assessment: For a definitive answer, take the diamond to a professional jeweler who can use specialized equipment to test its authenticity.

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