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What are some examples of animals that migrate long distances?

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Some examples of animals that migrate long distances include:

  1. Arctic Terns: These birds migrate from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back each year, traveling up to 71,000 kilometers (44,000 miles) round trip.

  2. Humpback Whales: They travel thousands of kilometers between their feeding and breeding grounds, with some individuals migrating up to 25,000 kilometers (16,000 miles) each year.

  3. Monarch Butterflies: These insects migrate from North America to Mexico for the winter, covering distances of up to 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles).

  4. Wildebeest: During the Great Migration in Africa, wildebeest travel thousands of kilometers in search of fresh grazing areas.

  5. Leatherback Sea Turtles: They migrate long distances between their nesting and feeding grounds, with some individuals traveling over 20,000 kilometers (12,000 miles) in a year.