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What were the major accomplishments of the Roman Empire, and what led to its decline?

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The Roman Empire achieved remarkable feats across various domains. Here are some of its major accomplishments:

  1. Vast Empire:

  2. Roman Arch and Architecture:

  3. Road Network:

  4. Latin Language:

  5. Legal System:

  6. Engineering Marvels:

  7. Military Achievements:

However, the decline of the Roman Empire was multifaceted:

  1. Invasions by Barbarian Tribes:

  2. Economic Troubles and Overreliance on Slave Labor:

  3. Rise of the Eastern Empire:

  4. Civil Wars and Weak Leadership:

  5. Migration and Climate Change:

In summary, the Roman Empire’s accomplishments were vast, but internal and external challenges ultimately led to its decline and fall657