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What happens to rainwater after it is absorbed into the soil?

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Once rainwater is absorbed into the soil, it can follow several pathways:

  1. Infiltration: Some of the rainwater seeps down through the soil layers and recharges groundwater sources.
  2. Plant uptake: Plants absorb water from the soil through their roots for growth and photosynthesis.
  3. Runoff: If the soil becomes saturated or impermeable, excess water can flow over the surface as runoff, which may lead to erosion and water pollution.
  4. Groundwater flow: Water that infiltrates deep into the soil can flow laterally through underground aquifers, contributing to the replenishment of water sources such as wells and springs.
  5. Evaporation and transpiration: Some rainwater may evaporate back into the atmosphere or be released by plants through transpiration.

Overall, the absorption of rainwater into the soil plays a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem functions, supporting vegetation growth, and sustaining water resources.